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  • Live Bird

    Live Bird

    Healthy, Happy and Lively Birds are available for Sales in large quantity for Broiler Chicken, Free Range Cockerel, Old Layers, Old Parent Stock Layers, and Point-of-Lay.

  • Turkey


    Our turkeys enjoy an oat-rich, nutritionally-balanced, natural cereal diet that is ethically sourced & completely free of growth promoters or other nasties.

  • Ducks


    Our ducks are reared free-to-roam in light airy barns with plenty of natural light, fresh air, fresh bedding of straw every day and continuous feed and fresh water throughout the day.

  • Sheet | Goat | Cow

    Sheet | Goat | Cow

    Our ruminants include highly breed sheep, goats, and cows. They roam and grain on our dedicated hectares of land.


WELCOME to Jethro Farms!

Jethro farms is dedicated to producing top quality poultry and animal produces including eggs, broiler and Layers day-old chicks, free range chicken, turkey and ducks. Our animal husbandry consists of Sheep, goats, and Cows which are fed our acres of ranching fields.

Our birds are fed with grains and feeds produced locally and on the farm, and specially prepared rations with no additives or growth promoters. Our turkeys and ducks are also feed naturally on grass as well.

Our free range Turkeys and ducks stay with us from day old to oven ready in time for various festive period. Once they are old enough they are given freedom to graze in paddocks and fields around the farm, with access to shelter if they choose.

If you wish to stay up to date with happenings on the farm and to see pictures of our turkeys, ducks, and animals enjoying the beautiful countryside throughout the year then do not hesitate to register for our newsletter.

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Our ultra-modern chicken processing facility ensure production of quality poultry meat. All processed chicken passes through automated chillers that ensures that meats are thoroughly cleaned and matured before being transferred for the packing and preservation. These processes ensure that final output are of the highest quality which prevents bacterial infections and ensure high quality shelf life.

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Abobawa Olalade

Quality eggs with high shelf live and value for money. My customer prefer eggs from Jethro farms. Truly Jethro birds are happy birds!!

IITA – Ibadan

Excellent produce, great taste and good value. We have had them for years and we will be continuing in patronising them. Keep up the good work