Who we are


Jethro Farms is an agro-allied farm established purposely to provide sustainable quality food for the citizenry. Our vision is driven by our understanding that provision of quality food is the citadel for well-being before clothing and shelter.

We are situated in Iddo township of Ibadan, Oyo State. The farm is located on several acreages of land and surrounded mainly by arable farm land.  The Farm consists of poultry section for raising of Breeders, broiler and pullet chicken, ducks, and Turkey. The modern chicken processing factory, and on the farm feed meal ensures that we have full control of what our birds are fed with.

We aim to ensure that our customers are at the centre of our business and reap the reward of our combined strength by maximizing opportunities through innovation, leadership and partnerships. We will continue to elevate the bar in real service delivery to all our customers by well-trained human capital and maximize all stakeholders’ well-being.



At Jethro farms we produce top quality poultry and animal products. When you Jethro poultry, you’re buying the very best. Each and every of the many poultry products we offer meets or exceeds the strictest standards of safety, nutrition and value.Our chicken processing equipment meet the international health and safety requirements for food processing industry.

Packaged for your conveniences, our extensive line of poultry products includes drumsticks, wings, tights, leg quarter, bone-in breasts, necks, gizzards, and legs.


Jethro has been delivering on its promise to provide premium-quality eggs and chicken arriving from the farm to you. Our uncompromising standards, expansive line of products and exceptional service are some of the reasons we have become one of the largest farms in the state.

We believe in partnership and we have established good relationship with our suppliers and customers. We welcome new partnership arrangement.

Our ultra-modern chicken processing facility ensure production of quality poultry meat. All processed chicken passes through automated chillers which ensures that meats are thoroughly cleaned and matured before being transferred for packing and preservation.  These processes ensure that final output are of the highest quality, prevents bacterial infections and ensure high quality shelf life.

Management Team

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General Manager

Chris comes with several years of experience in banking, finance, operations, sales and negotiation. A chartered banker and lecturer in one of the leading tertiary institutions in Ibadan, Chris brings diverse wealth of experiences to oversee the management of the company.

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Farm Manager

The Farm stocks and management is in the capable hands of Goke, a graduate of Animal Sciences with experiences spanning over two decades in Poultry and Animal management, and animal feeds production. Through his passion for poultry, timely and quality feeds, our birds remain “happy birds” in the farm!!!

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Admin & Operation

Tunde experience span across the broad spectrum of the farm activities thereby able to provide necessary logistics and administrative operations required to run an integrated farm like ours.

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Account and Sales

Our young and talented account officer in charge of Sales and accounting activities of the farm will ensure that your order is fulfilled in a timely and efficient manner.

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Poultry Officer

Mayowa brought invaluable experience in poultry management to the farm. He provides assistances to the Farm Manager on poultry and feed management to ensure that our birds remain “happy birds”!

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Josiah’s years of experience were derived through day-to-day operations at Jethro Farms, Josiah is in charge of automated Chicken Processing, Soya meal processing, Cold room and heavy equipment management in the farm.


Quality eggs with high shelf live and value for money. My customer prefer eggs from Jethro farms. Truly Jethro birds are happy birds!!

Excellent produce, great taste and good value. We have had them for years and we will be continuing in patronising them. Keep up the good work