Jethro farms is dedicated to producing top quality poultry and animal produces including eggs, broiler and Layers day-old chicks, free range chicken, turkey and ducks. Our animal husbandry consists of Sheep, goats, and Cows which are fed our acres of ranching fields.

Our birds are fed with grains and feeds produced locally and on the farm, and specially prepared rations with no additives or growth promoters.  Our turkeys and ducks are also feed naturally on grass as well.

Our free range Turkeys and ducks stay with us from day old to oven ready in time for various festive period. Once they are old enough they are given freedom to graze in paddocks and fields around the farm, with access to shelter if they choose.

If you wish to stay up to date with happenings on the farm and to see pictures of our turkeys, ducks, and animals enjoying the beautiful countryside throughout the year then do not hesitate to register for our newsletter.

We are passionate about poultry. We know our birds! Our team comprises of seasoned and passionate animal scientists and farmers who has mastered the act of raising birds and animals.


At Jethro Farms our free range birds enjoys the outdoors on grass in natural environment. Throughout the year we rear chickens, turkeys, ducks, sheep, goats, and cows. At festive period we have top quality and well fed Turkeys and Geese.


All our processing and butchery is performed in our dedicated processing centre in the farm. The meats are processed to give matured flavour.